Have you noticed the looks you get when you discuss alternative or complementary healing?

    Even during the early years of Internet, the majority of health related forums, blogs and websites were strictly about mainstream ideals!

    David AstonI’m David Aston, I’m not a doctor but I am fascinated with health and truly living as a superhuman.

    Over the years, I’ve learned some remarkable truths in regard to health, fitness and general well-being.

    Let me give you a quick background…

    I suffered with severe asthma, allergies and pain for most of my childhood.

    These health “burdens” or so they seemed at the time, eventually forced me to become very aware of my environment and body’s internal functions.

    When I was about 17 years old, I suffered a severe asthma attack after a football game, which led me to discover an extraordinary trick eventually curing my asthma and alleviating my allergies – permanently.

    This amazing and simple cure inspired me to see what else was out there, just waiting to be shared. It completely fueled my obsession with perfect health. I started consuming all the natural health magazines and science journals reading everything I could, trying new things all along the way.

    I’m my own guinea pig and have made note of some very remarkable things. If something worked I wrote it down and stuck with it, if not, it was thrown out.

    Throughout high school, friends asked me how to cure colds, or how to lose weight…I was quickly becoming the “health guy” without attempting to do so.

    When I was 18, while attending University, I became a certified personal trainer and started training my friends and their parents. I held boot camps on the weekends and trained people weeknights after volunteering at the local fire department…

    I’d subtly introduce my clients and colleagues, to strange, yet remarkably effective health and fitness methods anytime the opportunity presented itself. Most times, my suggestions were met with laughter, but then they tried my advice…

    They wanted to focus solely on vanity and ignore the internal, which was causing the external to be as it was.

    I saw this as a perfect opportunity to help with more than just weight loss or muscle building.

    People couldn’t believe how great they were feeling and how simple it was to achieve such a high quality of being.

    I kept researching and testing things on himself before making suggestions to friends… Eventually word quickly spread about this young “health guy” which prompted me to start my first health and fitness website.

    Since then, on top of this site, I’ve published over 400 health and fitness articles and have been seen on several major websites and social media outlets.

    Today, in addition to running UnhealthyFix, I travels around the globe meeting health and fitness experts who are eager to share life changing, powerful and in most cases very unorthodox information.

    A note to my readers:

    This website presents my own research , experiences and ideas. And while I hope you’ll be inspired to get the most out of yourself and life, keep in mind I’m not a doctor. So by all means use this site, but this site is not intended to substitute for consultation with a doctor. Neither I, the publisher or affiliates can claim any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting directly or indirectly from any information contained within this website.

    Let me put it like this: If you decide to go on 40 mile barefoot night-hike to go connect with yourself, no matter what advice of mine you do or don’t follow, you do so at your own risk. But I’ll be with you in spirit every exciting step of the way.

    Thomas Edison had it right when he said,

    “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care
    of the human frame and in the cause of and prevention of disease.”

    Health by choice, not by chance.

    -David Aston

    Since launching UnhealthyFix…

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